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We offer a wide range of high quality of teaching and extra-curricular activities.


The Inter-Agency Committee on Philippine Schools Overseas (IAPSO) would like to inform the Filipino communities abroad that the ONLY RECOGNIZED INTERNATIONAL PROGRAM OF THE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION (DepEd) which offers Basic Education (K to 12 Curriculum) is that being offered by the PHILIPPINE SCHOOLS OVERSEAS (PSO) with valid permits to operate or government recognition.

While home-schooling is an option for students, the parents are reminded to ensure that the home-school providers are duly-authorized by either the home country or the DepEd system and that the credentials attained out of this home-schooling system are likewise accepted by either the home country or the DepEd system.


  • Create a culture of achievement and positive reinforcement at all levels of ability.

  • Adopt a forward-looking and innovative approach which reflects our awareness of current and future trends without sacrificing traditional strengths.

  • Provide qualified staff who are themselves open to learning and who are given extensive training opportunities for  continuing professional development.

  • Provide a quality learning environment with a happy, vibrant atmosphere, and within the sense of purposeful learning and a climate of open and friendly communication, mutual trust and respect.

  • Educate the whole student by providing opportunities in breadth and depth for the concurrent development of all  dimensions like – emotional, spiritual, academic, cultural, moral, linguistic, physical and creative.

  • Discover and develop the unique talents and abilities of and vision of the school. Each individual, in accordance with the philosophy.


We aim to sustain and nurture the close partnership between home school, and the community.

We aim to develop self-motivated learners with an inquiring attitude who aim for highest standards in all what they do.

We aim to create a stimulating and happy environment in which all children can fulfill their potential and in which we celebrate their achievements in all areas.

We aim to establish a courteous, caring and disciplined community in which self-respect, self-discipline, and sense of responsibility are fostered along with concern for others so that children are supported by one and each other.

We aim to provide a program that is appropriate to the needs of each child that best develop successful learning strategies which prepares them for the next stage of their education.

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